May 5, 2006

anyone know how to interpret dreams?

odd one..had it before i got up this a.m.

i'm shopping with my sister-in-law, who convinces me to try on and BUY a halter top.

halter top?! haven't worn one since i was 11.

so we continued shopping, me wearing a halter w/ a jacket over it.

maybe i'm trying to read too much into it. but it seemed weird.

any input?

off to work. wish me luck.


doodlebugmom said...

hey! at least you had the jacket.


Cynthia said...

They say that your dreams are a reflection of your feelings. So if you feel happy thinking back, then your subconsious is happy. If that dream made you feel uneasy or unhappy then something in your life is making you feel like that. Make sense? Or is it way too early for me?