May 13, 2006

Oh, the joys of a laptop...

and the joy that Hubbs hasn't taken it in yet to the shop. Seems there's trouble a-brewin' with the CD-ROM, so, off to the Geek Squad with it.

Been an interesting weekend so far. Last night, Michelle's class, through no fault of her own, wasn't what i hoped for. First, all her kits got lost, then not everything was ready or got packed, then she was late for the class due to traffic on the 5 truly was a comedy of errors. THEN..her wonderful husband made a trip back from San Diego County (where they live) to Irvine (where the class was - about an hour drive and with gas at $3.50/gal..)to bring the chipboard pages for the book...then his key broke off in the ignition. Ya gotta wonder who you pissed off for this kind of karma.

Weigh in last night wasn't great...gained back a 1/2 lb. Tried talking to the leader (who is busy weighing in other chubbsters) about why i feel like i'm in a rut. i gain, then lose, then gain, then...well, you get the idea. She thinks i'm bored with what i'm eating (could be...but lately all i want are yummy baked goods), and suggested i go to Trader Joe's, a local different supermarket with really good prices. But - there's a line behind me of other chubbsters waiting to weigh in, so no time to really chat.

(ah, but i DID go shopping today. Yes, a little retail therapy never hurts when the cash is available. i bought a top today that was a size smaller than what i usually wear. That did make me feel a little better.)

Here's the other thing i don't get: why, if i am on this diet, change, am i watching Food Network?! Specifically, why am i watching Unwrapped where the subject matter is fried foods & they're spotlighting a restaurant in NY where they deep fry Snickers, Twix & Twinkies?!

Holy cannoli. Bloody hell but that sounds gooooooood.

Don't fret none. Just had my WW mac & cheese & am trying to decide between the WW Mississippi Mud Pie or Chocolate Fudge Cake for dessert. When, what i really want is the homemade German Chocolate Cake sitting in my kitchen as i type.

I know. There's something wrong with someone who deliberately keeps that stuff around. Kinda like i'm into torturing myself.


it's Saturday night, and i should be working on some projects for my own scrapbooking pleasure, but instead, i think i'll just watch "X-Men" and drool over Hugh Jackman. Yum, yum, yum.

Whatever you do this weekend, may it be fat-free, flavor-full, and chock full of good looking people.

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doodlebugmom said...

woo hoo a size smaller..happy dance!

Do you have meetings with your weigh ins?

Bummer the class didnt turn out so hot, did you get a refund? lol

Linda :o)