May 4, 2006

Guess what? i'm gonna LIVE!!

(realizing, of course, you didn't know i was even sick)

Hadn't been feeling well all week. Monday i felt like i had food poisoning (after eating a perhaps questionable veggie sammich), but here it is Thursday, and i still feel like ca-ca.

So - it's time for a trip to ER. Why ER? Why not go to an Urgent Care center? Because my UCC is half an hour away (and a trip on no less than three freeways. here in cloudy So. Cal., that's so unacceptable), and it would just be easier to head over to the ER.

It went better & worse than i expected. No food poisoning, some sort of stomach bug and a low grade bladder infection.

Oh joy. Nothing makes me happier than bright orange pee.

Three prescriptions later...oh and course an upset tummy again. One med gets rid of the stomach bug, but the one for the bladder upsets the tummy.

Happy, happy - joy, joy.

Now, let's face it. i'm a weird chick. i'll even be the first to admit that. Here's why:

* when i was in a treatment room, i was alone. Total solitude. i so dig that. i really believe that, if Karma exists and we have former lives, that i was a hermit. And happy to be so.
Remember "Heidi"? (book, not movie) i totally identified with Grandfather, living in his shack up on the mountain. Heidi, in my opinion, was the luckiest little broad ever.

The other Great Truth i discovered (again) is this - i would have made a cruddy nurse. In the room next to me was a woman who would not stop moaning. Just as i was starting to feel sorry for her, she stopped, mid-moan, and barked "I WANT ANOTHER BLANKET! GET ME A BLANKET!!! DO I HAVE TO DIE TO GET ANOTHER BLANKET?!"

Not die, just get larengitus, perhaps?

My grandmother wanted to be a nurse. She enjoyed all things medical & would've been good at it. Her patience was immeasurable. Mine, however...ain't.

And so it goes.

Thankfully, they sprung me from the ER just as Barney was starting. Good thing. i could stand Clifford the Big Red Dog. Or Little Einsteins. Or even Higglytown Heroes.

But not Barney. Oy.

So, once again, making my nest in our trusty recliner. Trying to not think about my churning tummy. And thinking how much fun it is to not have alcohol, spicy foods, caffeine or..well, other adult activities till i'm done with all these meds.

See? Told ya i was sick.

And i've got papers to prove it.


1 comment:

doodlebugmom said...

oh the dreaded orange pee!

Once when I was in the hospital the lady in the next room screamed all night..."I wan a MAN nurse"...they sedated her in the morning :/

hope you get feeling better soon so you can get back to the adult activities! :D