Apr 22, 2006

you're only as young as you feel...look...whatever.

so today, i'm driving to the store (joy!) to do grocery shopping (joy! joy!), and i'm feeling, well...young.

like i'm back in my 20's.

young, free & single. blasting Keith Urban. rocking out in my truck.

and, in the store, i catch my reflection.

to quote William Shatner in "Miss congeniality", "who is that old man wearing my pajamas?"

or old broad. whatever.

totally shattered my self-image.

not that i want to be in my 20's again. too much hassle. just felt good to feel young, not an overweight, graying broad who's had back surgery.


oh well. i'll still be blasting Keith. or Garth. or whoever i happen to have in the cd player. probably even in my 50's and beyond.

on to non-self pitying news...

reached my 10% weight loss at WW last night...woo hoo! what's my goal? don't really have one. just wanna get a really cute pair of non-plus size jeans. also changed WW centers, and i love it there! the chick leading the meeting was funny, the people participated & were fun to boot. i even wrote a letter to WW corporate to complain about the leader at the old center. i hope something changes over there, losing weight is hard enough without a skinny bee-atch asking you sarcastically if your weight gain is OK. but of course - i love paying $11/week so i can put the weight back on. whatever.

wanna do some scrapping tonight...got some killer ideas (that i frankly stole) i want to put on paper and some equally killer photos of some very cute kids that are begging to be put on paper.

so, let's just warn the public right now...Keith will be blasting from my cd player tonight.

BTW - Cathy's new book is out. got my copy yesterday and ya gotta love this book. believe me, if you loved her first one, the second one will put you over the edge. i'm ready to go through it again.

go. buy. now.

that's it. off to fix some dinner & do some playing with paper & glue. have a great rest-of-the-weekend, everyone!


doodlebugmom said...

I hope you are singing along...loud!...while blast KU


Doug Bagley said...

Getting old isn't for sissies, is is it?