Apr 21, 2006

didja miss me??

or did you even know i was gone?

back from Reno last night...what a great time. well, most of it. we began packing up my mother-in-law's place - so sad. feel horrible for her kids...but on to other stuff.

a few truths i discovered this week:

* children who eat nothing but chocolate will have more energy than all the armies of all the nations put together. i say we feed all the kids of the world all the chocolate they can handle & set 'em loose on every terrorist that walks this earth. they would give up their evil ways just to get some peace & quiet.

* my sister in law is now guilty of starting me on another obsession. first it was scrapbooking, now it's Keith Urban. i spent more time watching him on CMT, listening to albums, and i'm now ready to be a card-carrying member of Monkeyville. oh mercy. am i so weak? apparently so.

* speaking of weak. another truth: i, as a 43 year old, registered voter, licensed driver, have NO immunity against the germs of a 3 & 5 year old. yep, got sick. totally stuffed up, sore throat, chest cold kinda sick. see what happens when you lose weight?

*oh, and this was my Easter Sunday (above). started snowing Sunday and this was Monday. by Tuesday, it was most all gone. but it was loverly while it lasted.

Off to get my hair "fixed". i love being a girl.

1 comment:

doodlebugmom said...

Glad you are home safe and yes I missed you!

Keith Urban...ahhh :D he is so cute!

Hope you are feeling better and I love the picture!