Apr 9, 2006

insominia is a terrible thing...

and lately it seems to like to visit me.

don't know why. i can go to sleep just fine & dandy. but i wake up...

and can't go back to sleep.

so today - i woke up at 3:30. don't know why.

and i can't go to sleep.

again - don't know why.

but - on the bright side, we are off to the swap meet here in the O.C. later on this morning.

well not much later - probably in an hour or so...but who cares!! i love this swap meet - it really does have everything: door mats (which we will be purchasing today), jewelry, socks, and of course the usual (and my favorite) cleaners & other products with their hawkers.

oh, and produce. really, really good produce and flowers, too.

and beer. yep, nothing says shopping at the swap meet like beer at 8a.m. now if they only sold Bloody Mary's.

it's like going on a treasure hunt. you never know whatcha gonna find.

kinda like early morning t.v.

so now the Hubbs is watching Bloodwork on t.v. with Clint Eastwood. it's not a comedy but dang if i didn't just have the biggest laugh ever while watching this.

keep this in mind, Clint is, of course, playing a retired FBI who's had heart transplant surgery, and the heart he got is from a woman who was killed during a robbery. and Clint is trying to find the killer, who is probably a serial killer.

so i told you that story to tell you this one. the reason i laughed hard is because there was a scene with Clint, going after the bad guy with a shotgun. he shot the hell out of the bad guy's car, who of course, got away. then Clint's compadre, the LA sheriff, shoots at the car.

but doesn't hit it at all.

so, wait. you really mean to tell me that a retired FBI agent who's had heart transplant surgery can shoot the crap out of a car but an active sheriff couldn't hit the broad side of...well...a Ford?

oy. no wonder the rest of the nation laughs at us here in California.

i'll say this much. for as old as Clint is, he does stay in good shape. looking at him shirtless is much nicer than say, looking at Leslie Nielson shirtless.

which is just not right.

kinda like being up at 3:30.

hope you had a good night sleeping.

Happy Palm Sunday.



Tracey Odachowski said...

Well, at least when you wake up that early you can get some scrapping done!!! ;)

Doug Bagley said...

I feel for you. I get those too and going to work the next day is rough, especially if you go two or three nights in a row of sleep deprivation.
Loved your analogy between Clint and Nelson, LOL. You made your point.

doodlebugmom said...

Oh Val...maybe you got it from me! I havent slept a full night since the holidays. (not to mention a week of no sleep at all)

It sucks. I am tired, but not sleepy. I go to bed at night, wake up 3 hours later. Wide awake. It making me scatterbrained. My friend tells me its the start of menopause...yeehaw!lol

Oh and thanks for the Leslie Nielson shirtless image! (at least when I can't sleep, I wont have nightmares about that!) :O)