Apr 8, 2006

miles to go before i sleep...

and when i say sleep, i mean the Big Dirt Nap.

chipper thought, huh?

i was thinking this morning about all the things i want to do before i leave this earth. don't know how far i'll get, but dang do i want to give it a shot.

here's a short list ( in no particular order):
Places to Visit:
* Japan

* Hawaii

* the Caribbean

* Utah

* Ireland

* New England

* Alaska

* China

* England

* Discovery Cove ( a place in Florida where you can swim with dolphins. i would SO love that!)

and, add to this, places i want to go back to:
Washington DC

things i wanna do:
*get published (scrapbooking, photography, writing, i ain't too picky)

*be able to quit & travel the country in an RV, stopping at every state

* throw out a pitch at an Angels or Padres game (but hey, i'd take any team if offered!)

*write the Great American Novel

* learn to scuba dive

* learn to ride a motorcycle

* open my own scrapbook store (oooh - here's a concept: CUSTOMER SERVICE - listening, Scrapbook Depot?)

* get back on track on the whole WW things...hasn't been a good last few weeks. if i do that, then i can...

* get a size 12 jean (OK, a 10 would be even better, but i don't think that's reasonable. a 12 however...)

*sigh* so many goals, so little life to accomplish them in.

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