Feb 16, 2009

because poop is funny.

many thanks to my Kristie for this one. it was the best giggle i had all dang day.

and apparently her as well.

see this picture?

or, more accurately, THIS part of the picture:

yep. completely missed that the cow is ready to, um....let 'er fly.

which, i realize for people like Linda, or Ree, is no big. poop happens.

but dang. it sure is funny.

so, to not offend you, Gentle Reader (and to make it so that every time i see this picture the only see i see is, well...), i have edited said picture.


happy Monday pt2, tomorrow.


doodlebugmom said...

A few weeks ago my boss told me I was his Best smeeling employee...not a great compliment, because everyone else smells like cow poop!


Mary Ann said...

Just checkin in to see how the interview went.
Still keeping my fingers crossed for him!

Susie Q said...

How DID the interview go sweetie??

And all kids love a good photo of poopin'...I mean, THAT is comedy! : )

Love ya,