Feb 22, 2009

it's a good day, all the way around.

today was my best friend's kid's 12th birthday.

12 years. d-u-u-u-d-e. why, it seems like just yesterday i was changing your diaper, and...
never mind. i gotta save that story for his first date.

Kristie called and asked if we would come up & meet them for brunch, then off to mini golf/laser tag. and so up the hill we went to their place for bananas foster over ice cream and mimosas.

life, as they say, is gooooood.
happy birthday coleymoleyfazolieguacamole.
after brunch, we drove over to the local fun center to play indoor glow-in-the-dark mini golf and laser tag.
thank heavens we only played for 15 minutes. any more than that and i swear to you, the paramedics would've been called for the adults. we were sweaty icky masses.
and by the way, what's up with these young uns picking on the old broad and shooting the crap out of me? sheesh.
so much fun. even if i am too dang old to be running around shooting after a bunch of kids AND adults.
good times indeed.


Susie Q said...

That sounds like fun to me! Nothing like a BD party to put a smile on my face! Or, better yet, BD cake with sugary sweet frosting to really make me smile! : )

You still want your questions there Missy? Okay...here goes!

1. What do you consider your most precious material possession?

2. How did you meet your handsome husband and what was the first thing that made you stop and say, "Ahhh...now THIS guy is special!"?

3. You have just won 40 million dollars...what'cha gonna do now?

4. We all know you love photography, and that you are darned good at it! Do you have one image of which you are most proud?

5. You answer that knock on your door and there stands Donny Osmond. You....

That is all there is to it!!


Dapoppins said...

You are never too old to laugh...in fact, I loaded this page just so I could listen to King Tut.

Melissa said...

Looks like you guys had fun. Is his name Coley? That's my mom's maiden name, and I've thought that if I ever had a little boy that's what I'd name him!