Feb 8, 2009

a story of headshots and ketchup.

which, i think, could win as one of my weirdest titles yet.

first ketchup.

Friday, my friend Melissa, had just about decided to get a camera like mine. we were ready to go to Costco @ lunch, because they've got a good deal with the body, two lenses, a camera bad, 2gb memory card...all for about $1000.

but...they didn't offer an extended warranty, and Melissa wanted that. so we looked online (i know, we should be working, but it's just SO BORING.) and found one @ Best Buy, who does offer an extended warranty.

so i called Brendan and said, come meet us there - then we'll EAT.

because fat girls love to eat.

so after looking at their deal, which was just the camera, one lens, an extra battery and a camera bad, Melissa decided she wanted to wait and find a deal more like mine.
(who could blame her - i found out my telephoto lens that i got with my camera costs about $600. oy.)

now comes dinner.
we headed over to Sizzler for cheap steak & lobster...yum. and as we sat, giggling and having a great time, i suddenly felt something hit me in the side of the head.

since it was raining Friday, the first thing i did, of course, was look up to see if there was a leak.
felt the side of my head, now thinking perhaps some smart-ass kid shot a spit-wad my way.
so i turn to my friend & husband and say - IS THERE SOMETHING IN MY HAIR?????

there was a blob of ketchup in my hair. KETCHUP.IN.MY.HAIR.
now, of course, being the mature grown-ups we are, we all start giggling hysterically, while Melissa wipes it out of my hair.

the only thing i can figure, is, when the busboys were cleaning the table next to us, somehow they flung it up and over.

needless to say, i washed my hair the minute i got home.

now i know what a french fry feels like.

on to Brendan O'Mahony - Supermodel.

could i talk him into doing something different? nope. oh well. i still think he's pretty cute.

we also had a lady in a kimono...i decided i'd rather take pictures of him, rather than the hoochie mammas that just wanted headshots for their portfolios.

just having way too much fun.


doodlebugmom said...

Allison had an experience like that once, but it was our waitress and some marinara. AND hot :( poor Allison. AND down her back. AND we got the extra marinara that the waitress brought as a replacement on our bill. AND, no, we never went back there.

Melissa said...


(On the ketchup, not Brendan, of course. His photos turned out really nice!)

Now I'll be paranoid next time I go out to eat!

Susie Q said...

How about a full pitcher of Coke poured down your hair and back? 8shiver* and management did nothing!!! The waitress did nothing!! Had to ASK for a towel!
Not even an offer of a free meal or squat!

Oh, and Brendan!! Whoo Hoo!!! Now THAT is a handsome man!!!