Jan 4, 2009

if '09 wants me, it'll have to come in & get me.

the party's over...if you can call 2008 a par-tay.
we've eaten our black-eyed peas. luck is insured, right?


i'm not one to make resolutions. never have been. i usually come up with ideas what i want to try and accomplish in the new year, and sometimes (OK, most of the time) they fall by the wayside.

this year is different.

the resolutions i'm making i think...no, i know, are ones i need to keep.
* i resolve to worry less...especially over things i have no control over. people i work with that drive me crazy...i'm letting it go. there are always going to be people who don't do the right thing, or don't do what i want/need them to do.

*i resolve to not sweat the small stuff. let's face it: there are things we all worry about that are nothing but a waste of our time and energy. there's a ton more fun things in this world i can be doing with that time & energy.

* i resolve to have more fun. whether that means scrapbooking, writing or working on mad photog skillz.

for shizzle.
oh, and i resolve to not try and be cool, yo. i'm really too old.
bring it on, '09. i'm ready for you.

in other news...
Friday night, we met up with my best friend and her kids out at the Mission Inn in Riverside for their annual Festival of Lights. we've never seen them before, and to say it was amazing is an understatement.

the place is a target rich photo environment any day of the week. well, add bunches of lights (and some really creepy anamatonic figures-they were really weirding us all out) and it becomes amazing.

i love photo rich environments.
the place is amazing.
just amazing. inside & out.

and so are the shops around the Inn. amazing windows.

and some cool decorations they had that reminded me of giant dandelions. or, as Kristie said, 'all i can think of is 'we are here, we are here, we are heeeeere!!' (a la Horton Hears a Who!) i thought they would look super cool in black & white.
thanks for the invite, Kristie. it was totally cool.
here's to a new year, full of new promise.

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Melissa said...

What? No pictures of creepy animated figures?

Beautiful pictures, nevertheless!