Jan 27, 2009

she's at it again.

i entered another dang photo contest.

RitzPix, where i print photos a lot of times, is sponsoring a photo contest on Facebook.
(you can see it here)

and, i am a sucker for photos and contests. so heck, put the two of 'em together and man, i am SO there.

so feel free to enter your own photos - heck, it's pretty dang fun and easy.

but if you want to see mine, and vote for it (you vote by writing "vote" in the comment section under each photo), go here.

vote early and often. and thanks.


Tug said...

Do I have to join Facebook? 'Cause I kinda refuse to...

sorry. Next time I promise to vote - I will this time if I don't have to join!

smileymamaT said...

Hi! Long time huh? That cause I was buried under 5 feet of snow. No kidding! I'm actually still buried!
I'll have to check that photo contest... I'm also still reeling over the Paris scrapbook line. Huh? And oh, did you find you hoops yet? That would make me NUTS, for real. Good luck!