Dec 31, 2008

it's in the can.

it's the last day of the year.

man. this year has suuuuckkkked.
and all because we didn't eat black-eyed peas on new year's the beginning of this year.
i know it.

so i won't be making the same mistake this year. i bought 'em yesterday. we're eating 'em tomorrow.

(BTW: i'm not sure how or why the italic is stuck on, but it is. deal with it.)

yesterday, i promised photos of me sledding. here's the problem: no one actually got a shot of me going down the hill...only walking back up it.
which completely sucks.
take my word for it, it was fun. WAY more fun than Disneyland, and, if you know me, that is saying something.

here's the Husband. reminds me a little of a girlie exam, what with his legs in the air and all.

the Niece. on the other side of the wash from us. Little Miss Independence walked over there where some teenagers were sledding, and announced, "hey! watch out! i'm coming down!!"

no fear there.

this could be me. or not. looks good either way.

happy lad.
and another one.

just more evidence that everything looks better covered in snow.
and to you, Gentle Reader -
the happiest of new year's to you and yours. may 2009 be everything you want and need it to be.
and thanks for sticking around to read my babblings for another year.
see you next year.


doodlebugmom said...

No one got a picture of you because I am sure you were a blur speeding down that snowy hill. (Gee I hope you went with your legs together! haha!)

Happy New Year to you guys too. No black-eye peas here...maybe waffles.

Susie Q said...

No piccies of you sleddin?? But you had fun didn't you?? It LOOKS like such fun.

Happy, happy new year to you and that cute guy who lives in your home with ya. : )

Love ya Valerie...

Melissa said...

Ha ha! I laughed out loud at that "girlie exam" comment!

Allison said...

Ah that makes me want to go sledding!