Dec 14, 2008

a legend in my own mind.

one of the advantages of self confidence is just that: you believe in yourself. you have confidence. the belief that, in most things, you can do anything.

of course, the disadvantage of self confidence IS that you believe in yourself and that you can do anything.

and heaven knows, that ain't always right.

for example:
i can cook. i've always cooked, ever since i was a kid i was making messes in the kitchen. i took cooking classes in college. my lasagna is in high demand, not only in my family, but with some of my friends.

therefore, i become a legend in cookery. no one else in the world can cook as well as i.

until i find several people that not only cook well, they cook MUCH better than i do. then i'm depressed.

stupid, huh?

ego is an amazing thing. without some of it, you can become road kill in the emotional highway of life. with it, you run the risk of becoming Tom Cruise. not necessarily jumping on Oprah's couch, but starting to believe your poo doesn't reek.

for example, in case you didn't notice, i take pictures. some are OK. some are killer and a lot of 'em are crap.

don't argue. i know they're crap. i've seen em, remember?

but - give me a new, bad-ass camera and some lucky shots and suddenly i think i'm freakin' Ansel Adams.

so not the case. but i get lucky sometimes, which is what i think happens with all of us. you write a best seller, you got lucky. you cook dinner without burning it and everyone loves it, you got lucky.

skill+ability+karma=lucky shot.

but again, give me a cool camera, and suddenly i think i can do no wrong. which i can, and often do, but i still get lucky.

and i've got to remember that luck doesn't always equal talent. but enough of talent and luck can make me a legend. if only in my dreams.

peace out.


Mary Ann said...

Maybe you can use some of those Ansel Adams photography skills for this:
It's a photo contest in the OC Register newspaper.

doodlebugmom said...

Speaking of cooking, did you know I am the mother of the Brownie Godess? Seriously, my first born is the high preistess of Pillsbury at college. Just ask her!


PS yep, you take some amazing pictures, I have not seen the crap ones, but of course you dont post those. love ya, Merry Christmas!

Susie Q said...

Hey, you cook better than me...I know you do and you take great pictures and you are funny and warm and special. You are a super wife, auntie daughter, know, all of that stuff.
I think this adds up to a pretty spiffy lady in my book.


Melissa said...

Hmph. Well, I could have a fancypants camera like yours, and my pictures would still look like crap, so I guess there must be some inherent talent in there somewhere!

And you know the first rule of professional photography - take lots of pictures, so you're guaranteed to get at least one good one!