Mar 5, 2009

if you're happy and you know it, the meds must have kicked in.

i know. i stole that from my facebook profile.

but i could seriously use some meds right now.

first off: the Husband had interview #2,457, 632 with the company that's, courting him. now of course, he's tormenting himself with 'oh crap, i said this, this and this wrong.'

meds. now.

work today was meeting upon meeting upon meeting. then, a friend of mine at work, who apparently isn't as good a friend as i thought...well - let's leave it at i got the shaft when i needed support.

meds, meds, meds.

at least it's almost Friday...there's a weekend to be savored. hopefully, photos to be taken, a soul to be fed with all that is beautiful and joy and love in the world.

and meds.

so while i lick my wounds and heal my feelers, i'll check for meds to make me happy.
they're contained in the pint of Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake sitting in my freezer.


Tug said...

My meds are in the form of red wine, and I'm taking them as we speak. ;-)

Melissa said...

Can you believe the closest I've ever gotten to Ben and Jerry's was a Cherry Garcia chocolate-covered pop from a dollar store. True story!

Maybe one day I'll save up enough calories to rectify that situation.

Susie Q said...

B & J's Phish Food AND meds...and wine...and a nice frozen margarita and chips and guac and a deep dish pizza. That oughta do it. Wait. a Coke and a few more meds.