Aug 24, 2008

take a photo. it lasts longer.

just some shots from yesterday. the surfers were out en force.
i just loved how this guy's board popped out against all the gray of the day and the ocean.

love sandpipers. spent the better part of an hour chasing them little buggers. they probably thought i was a stalker.
i love the beach. have i mentioned i loved my camera, too?


Tug said...

You have gray days in SoCal? I'll still trade you places.......

I like the surfboard color also - nice pop!

Melissa said...

Man - it must be nice to be near the beach.

Even if you do have to pay $10 a car to get in!

Susie Q said...

Oh how I wish I could come visit right now...and, just for the record,m I totally MISS you!! Get that computer fixed!