Aug 16, 2008

now...where were we?

oh yeah. talking about the week.
well, let's just get to the nitty-gritty: two of the cutest kids in Nevada.

this is the kind of photo i can show to a future prom date.

ah, Nintendo. where would we be without ye?

we went to swim lessons. gah, but i love taking pictures with a faboo telephoto lens.

then, of course, the first day of school...for kindergarten...

after the teacher brought in the kids, they read this story called "The Kissing Hand," about a raccoon who is scared about starting school, so his momma kisses his hand and tells him that if he gets lonely, he can press his hand (paw?) to his cheek, feel momma's kiss and know he's not along.
i'm actually the one that started sniffling, not Maureen.

and, as the teacher read, the Brand New Kindergartner raised her hand to let the teacher know that 'my mommy says her kisses are permanent.'
she's a pistol, she is.

Maureen & i did lotsa clothes shopping for the Kindergartner - dang, but there's some way super cute girl clothes out there. totally fun to play dress up with a real live doll.

y'know, if i could take pictures like this all the time, i could be happy.

i know. it's kinda dark. but man, it's fun watching kids jump and well, be kids.

i could eat 'em with a spoon.

and, while up there, i would check my work email and see the insanity going on back at home, and i would think 'oh, i do so wish i was there to help out.'


i hated leaving. especially when, on the flight home, we hadn't pushed back from the gate, and it had been about 15 minutes since the attendant had shut the door of the plane.

finally the pilot got on the intercom and, apologizing for the hangup, says 'sorry for the hold up, folks, seems that *chuckle* we forgot to file a flight plan. but, we're all settled and should be pushing back shortly.'

you forgot to file a flight plan? the Husband almost wet himself laughing.

'why didn't he just walk down the aisle of the plane reading How to Fly a Plane?' he said.

why indeed. it's why i love flying.

but with these two, it's dang good reasons to keep getting on that plane.


skrpndiva said...

Glad you had fun. Welcome home!


Tug said...

Cute CUTE kids! Her eyes are AMAZING...and his little smile made me laugh...

doodlebugmom said...

I used to do that kiss on the palm thing for my kids. I had no idea it was a racoon tradition! :o)

Melissa said...

Oh, Anna Marie got "The Kissing Hand" treatment the first few days of school, and brought home a handprint for me to press to my cheek when I missed her!

*wipes tear from her eye, remembering the bittersweet joy that accompanied last year's school start*

Yeah, this year - not so much!

Susie Q said...

The first day is always so bittersweet for the adults isn't it?

Grace started back today and I miss her already!

Beautiful kids...really adorable!