Aug 6, 2008

it's so shiny!

the OC Fair closed on Sunday - and with it my hopes and dreams of being an award-winning photographer.

man. am i a drama queen or what?

let's face it: after my last visit to the Fair and checking out all the photos, i'm making a mental list of what i may want to enter next year. but first, i gotta get this year's entry.

yesterday was pick-up day at the Fair, and they were pretty dang clear: pick up yer stuff or risk it becoming landfill fodder.

pretty dang clear, dontcha think?

so i drove down - and man, they made the pick-up process easy-peasy-lemon-squeezey.
when i got there, a very nice lady looked at my claim check and asked me if i knew where i was at...which i did. she escorted me over to it, pulled it off the wall, then we walked over to a table where i got a shiny new 'accepted for exhibition' baby blue ribbon.

and thus endeth my photography foire for the Fair.

just wait till next year.

in other news...

as Jacqui will attest - it's humid here lately. (so, Kenny, when i got your email about summertime in Mississippi, i giggled. then i went outside and realized that Mississippi got transferred to Cal-ee-forn-i-a.

and since it's so dang humid, you cannot sleep. unless you have central air.

which i don't.

and if you have a bed thrasher for a mate, which i do, it makes it even more fun.

which is why i'm up at this unearthly hour.

i foresee a Starbucks in my immediate future.

i also foresee a trip to the airport today. i'll be out of the state for a week, heading up to Reno to take lotsa photos and share with my sister-in-law when her baby starts kindergarten next Monday.

the jury's still out as to who will cry first.

i may post from the road, but don't be upset if i don't. see you next week.


doodlebugmom said...

Have a fun trip!

Susie Q said...

Well, I think you deserved the prize and I oughta know. I DO!
I can have all those judges taken out to the woodshed if you say so...really. I KNOW people.


Doug Bagley said...

Love the photos. My youngest is interested in photog. Told him not to quit his day job--sort of like writing, lol.

skrpndiva said...

I WILL attest to it; it's damn hot and damn humid and I HATE it. It's August and it usually gets worse in September.



Steff said...

I don't care what ribbon color you won or didn't take awesome pictures! That Fair just doesn't know what they are missing. :)

I hope you have a great time watching that baby start school. They are so sweet at that age! Especially when they can't wait to start school for the first first day. Take pictures!

Kenny said...

How does one survive without central AC??? Is that even possible? When watching "House Hunters" I can't believe when they tour a home and they say "no AC". Huh? Wha? I wish I could offer you some survival tips. The only one I can think of is deodorant...and lots of it. Put at least 3 coats.