Feb 11, 2011

persistent lil' buggers.

more changes for 2011. the bigger one for us, was, getting new insurance this year.

oh new insurance and new doctor - why do you torment me so?

we ended up switching from our PPO to Kaiser...i was reluctant to do so, but hey, a $3000 difference makes a difference - especially when half of your household is unemployed.

i really hated to switch. i loved our old doctor. he was young. rather hip. kept the Husband on the straight and narrow with his diabetes (conversely, he kept me on the straight & narrow. dammit.), and he was WAY too good looking for one man.

(best laugh Brendan had was after my first visit, i came home and announced that this doctor would NEVER EVER look at my hoo-hoo. not a chance. don't ruin it for me, k?)

but Kaiser, i have to say, wins the all-time world champion super-duper bowl for communication.

i have never EVER seen any company be as proactive and easy to communicate with. i've got an appointment with my new primary care AND an opthamologist this Tuesday - probably eye surgery in my immediate future, but nothing serious so there you go.

until today.

got a message from them, informing me that it was time for my annual scraping well-woman exam.
well la-de-freakin'-dah.

so a trifecta of fun awaits me. i'm getting examined, smeared, and dilated.

damn. it sounds like such a party, i may order out for wings.

luckily, my new primary care, although a good looking man, is not the rock-star god my old doctor was.

thanks be to God. that means he may see my hoo-hoo. time to spruce up.

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doodlebugmom said...

oh my god, you make me laugh