Feb 5, 2011


it has come to my attention...on more than one occasion, that if i ever dyed my hair back to a darker (read: natural) color, i just might be accepted for membership in Mensa.


or not. case in point:

it's a rather quiet night here under the Smogberry trees...the Husband just went to bed and it occurred to me that our neighbor was not, for a change, sitting out on her patio, dropping f-bombs on her phone calls (hourly calls, it would seem) to ex-boyfriends.

dang. it's practically Christmas!

but then, i kept hearing something...like someone had their TV or radio up. loud.

really kids? it's really necessary to have everything up that loud? come on. i mean, what's the point in it? is it so important to have your music on so loud that EVERYONE gets to hear it? what if they don't like country? or Michael Jackson? or even Toni Basil?

wait. Toni Basil?
holy crap. that's my iPod.
in the bottom of my purse.
that sounds like it's playing at a neighbor's.

think i'll slink off to bed now. goodbye forever...the blond one.

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