Jun 14, 2009

scratched an itch.

photography is kinda like crack.

well, to me, anyway.
there are times where i feel like, if i don't take some pictures every.dang.day., i could likely implode.


ok, so i'm a little bit of a drama queen. but dang, it's hard sometimes to not have someone or something cool in my viewfinder.

that's why this, yesterday, was sooooo much fun.

this is the Birthday Girl. she turned one earlier this week and her BIG party was yesterday.

she was such the little princess. and those shoes...gaaaaaaah - kil-ling me. killing.

she knows what a camera does. and she likes it.
she was pretty dang cute, too.

so was she. but this one...

hambone. last October, she wouldn't give ANY camera the time of day.

now? 'hey! j'wanna take my pitchure?'

oh, if i must.

they had a butterfly pinata, and as soon as daddy finally kicked its butt, the carnage commenced.

oh, the humanity!
thank you, Pargas, for letting me share in your fun!


smileymamaT said...

Hey girl! Long time no see! I had to go back in my archives to find you (WHY am I too technologically challenged to make a "blog-roll thingy?) Spelling challenged too, had to go back and correct "technologically" twice, ouch... So anyway, I love the photo of the princess birthday girl reaching out to the huge butterfly pinata. Priceless. Gonna go see your other blog now.. where have i been??
:) T

smileymamaT said...

Hey girl, where you at? :) Busy taking photos? Hope everything is OK, pop in to say Hi once you get back online! :)

Susie Q said...

Oh what sweet photos! I SO know how you feel about photography!
I wish we could go out to shoot together...*sigh*
I know you enjoyed each seond of this day with the birthday girl! What a perfect model!
Hey! Have I told you how gorgeous you look in your new Facebook profile piccie? KNOCK out!!
Have a sweet weekend!

Susie Q said...

Wonderful work, as always, sweetie.
How special to follow this angel as she grows...